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Monthly BIG Ideas Exchange- Great by Choice

Friday, Oct 12 2012 8:30AM to 11:00AM

Don Minges
Goodmortgage.com, 3325 South Tryon Street Charlotte, NC 28217

 Monthly BIG Ideas Exchange

Friday, Oct 12, 2012  
Location:    Goodmortgage.com, 3325 South Tryon Street, 28217 
8:30 am to 9:00 am    Continental breakfast and networking
9:00 am to 11:00 am   Book Discussion
Free to Members and Guests of BIG: RSVP to terry@bigcouncil.com or register at www.bigcouncil.com
Book: “Great by Choice: Uncertainty, Chaos, and Luck--Why Some Thrive Despite Them All” by Jim Collins, Morten T. Hansen
Great firms have discipline, look inward and outward, methodically plan, measure and analyze systematically. 
The new question: Ten years after the worldwide bestseller Good to Great, Jim Collins returns with another groundbreaking work, this time to ask: Why do some companies thrive in uncertainty, even chaos, and others do not? Based on nine years of research, buttressed by rigorous analysis and infused with engaging stories, Collins and his colleague, Morten Hansen, enumerate the principles for building a truly great enterprise in unpredictable, tumultuous, and fast-moving times.
Great by Choice distinguishes itself from Collins’s prior work by its focus not just on performance, but also on the type of unstable environments faced by leaders today.
The new findings were full of provocative surprises. Such as:
The best leaders were not more risk taking, more visionary, and more creative than the comparisons; they were more disciplined, more empirical, and more paranoid.
Innovation by itself turns out not to be the trump card in a chaotic and uncertain world; more important is the ability to scale innovation, to blend creativity with discipline.
As a reminder, you don’t have to read the book! The facilitator will share the main principles from the book with the group.
Don Minges will facilitate this stimulating discussion.  

For an excerpt of this book, go to:
During this roundtable we'll:
 · share our own experiences in this area in our businesses
     · share best practices from our own personal experience or from industry thought leaders
     · share ideas on how to improve the area within our businesses to fuel growth
Note: We are looking for people to facilitate book discussions, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if there is a book that you’re passionate about and would like to share with the group. We are currently looking to fill the 2013 calendar. The meetings take place the second Friday of every month, so pick a month that suits you for 2013! A few of you have suggested books, so please send me an email for the month and book you would like to facilitate.