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12 Steps to Increase Sales Using the Internet

Monday, Jul 13 2009

Fred Sexton with Mouse & Man
Global Medical Imaging, 222 Rampart St., Charlotte, 28203, Located in South End Parking: You can park along the streets, either Hawkins or Rampart. It’s also easily accessible from the Rail Line.

Want to increase your sales?
12 Steps to Increase Sales Using the Internet

Monday, July 13, 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm,  Global Medical Imaging, 222 Rampart St., Charlotte, 28203, Located in South End

To Access the Webinar:  The address is prepsuccess.webex.com

Password is:  1BIGcheese

Feel free to text in any questions that you have.

BIG Member, Fred Sexton with Mouse & Man, will host a workshop on leveraging the internet to
 * generate more leads from your existing website
* generate sales revenue for your business

I have attended the workshop and found it to be very valuable for internet marketing techniques. Fred has extensive knowledge of Google and search engine optimization. Please bring your laptop to this workshop, so that you can work on your own website using his 12 step program below.

Please bring your fully charged laptop; wireless available.

Seminar will be available via webinar, however, we strongly encourage you to attend the event. The interaction among attendees will be highly valuable. I will send you a link to the webinar, if interested.

There is limited seating, so priority will be given to BIG members. Non-member fee is $55.

RSVP to terry@bigcouncil.com

Outline of the 12 steps for the workshop:

1. Introduction to Internet Marketing
2. Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS)
3. Content is King
4. Keyword Research
5. Search Engine Optimization
6. Paid Search Engine Marketing
7. Local Search Marketing
8. Social Media Optimization
9. Blogging 101
10. Online Reputation Management
11. Google Website Optimizer
12. Rinse & Repeat (Analytics)

"My business relies on being ranked with search engines, and Mouse and Man have been handling this for us and doing an outstanding job. We went to the 12 Steps to Internet Marketing workshop and came out of it with a great and more detailed understanding of how this is done. Now we can sit with Mouse and Man and put together an amazing strategy. Thanks Fred"
Dan Wilson | President | www.waypointsg.com


"Dr Sparks Electric, is a business we founded in 2008. We are aggressively adding new products and offerings and as such are frequently updating our web page. With respect to their expertise in Search Engine Optimization and web-page design and updates, Mouse and Man is a key part of our marketing strategy today and moving forward.
We’d highly recommend their wonderful 12 Steps to Success Workshop."

Brett Ganey | Dr Sparks Electric