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Business Opportunities Using Sustainability as a Lens: A Conversation

Friday, Oct 14 2016 9:00AM to 11:30AM

Dan Fogel and Leesa Sluder
200 N. College Street Wake Forest University Charlotte Center Suite 150 Charlotte

Monthly BIG Ideas Exchange:  "Sustainability"

Friday, October 14, 2016


200 N. College Street, Wake Forest University Charlotte Center (Suite 150)

Free and Open to the Public

Title: "Business Opportunities Using Sustainability as a Lens: A Conversation"

How can the concept and practices of sustainability be harnessed as a source of healthy competitiveness among today's businesses? The word "sustainability" is sometimes viewed as a watered-down term for "taking care of the environment”, or involving cost-cutting and compliance. However, this idea and practice is now spurring some of the biggest innovations and business developments in recent history. Sustainability is no longer an "early adopters" game--it's here. Large and small companies are watching. They're learning how to uncover new business opportunities, create a wider community influence through social impact investing, and take existing principles of entrepreneurship to the next level. Join us for a conversation about sustainability and learn about different options your business could integrate for triple-bottom-line operations.


Daniel S. Fogel, PhD
Graduate Research Professor of Sustainability
Director, Graduate Programs in Sustainability
Wake Forest University


This recently published book attempts to marry sustainability and organizational theory and practice. This is a book about organizations, and how they can implement environmental sustainability science, theories, and ways of thinking to become more competitive. The information is based on known scientific principles about the natural world and organizational principles focusing on the work domain; the intersection of these two realms of research creates a powerful and new approach to comprehensive, seemingly contradictory issues.

The book approaches sustainability in three key ways. First, the text broadly focuses on how we use the planet’s resources, incorporates a brief history of human behavior, explores existing unsustainable practices, and develops a vision and means to change these practices. The sustainability field of study is then defined as satisfying current needs without sacrificing future well-being through the balanced pursuit of ecological health, economic welfare, and social welfare. This culminates in a set of likely outcomes, which includes the attainment of a sustainable world with resilient economies, societies and natural environments.

The book will be available for purchase at the event.


Leesa Childress Sluder
Investment Advisor
Krull & Company

Leesa Childress Sluder has an extensive background in working with Fortune 500 executives, professionals, and small business owners. She joined Krull & Company, a B Corporation, as an Investment Advisor in 2015 after serving as president and principal consultant of Triple Bottom Line Consulting. Prior to TBL, she spent time working for three major corporations: Citibank, Cone Mills Corporation, and Bank of America, among other things, as a Managing Director/Senior Vice President. She has helped numerous clients to not only plan and invest, but to empower them to be positive change-makers through their investments. Leesa has been a part of BIG since 2010.

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