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Monthly BIG Ideas Exchange- Peers Inc

Friday, Jan 13 2017 8:30AM to 11:00AM

Christa Wagner Vinson
goodmortgage.com 3325 S. Tryon St. Charlotte, NC 28217

Monthly BIG Ideas Exchange

Friday, January 13, 2016

Location: Goodmortgage.com, 3325 South Tryon Street, 28217


8:30 am to 9:00 am     Continental breakfast and networking
9:00 am to 11:00 am   Book Presentation and Discussion

Free to Members and Guests of BIG: RSVP to terry@bigcouncil.com or register below.

Book: "Peers Inc: How People and Platforms are Inventing the Collaborative Economy and Reinventing Capitalism" by Robin Chase


Work isn't what it used to be. Jobs are being automated out of existence. Fewer of us are tied to single, long-term employers. Up to 25% of tasks in manufacturing, packing, construction, maintenance, and agriculture may be lost to robots and artificial intelligence by 2025, according to the McKinsey Global Institute. And traditional nine-to-five jobs may go to the way of the dodo bird. As Robin Chase, cofounder of Zipcar, said recently: "My father had one job in his lifetime. I will have six jobs in my lifetime, and my children will have six jobs at the same time." – Fast Company, Dec. 1, 2016.

In her 2015 book, Peers, Inc, Robin Chase explores the rise of the new “collaborative economy. ” She argues that through it, people, companies, and governments will need to grow faster (by leveraging excess capacity); learn faster (through studied iteration); and adapt faster (by tapping the diversity of peers).

The book builds on a key idea she helped mainstream:
“A decade before Airbnb and Uber, Chase helped kickstart the “collaborative economy” by co-founding Zipcar, which became the world’s largest car-sharing service. The big idea was to enable convenient access to a valuable good (in this case, a vehicle) without requiring ownership.” - Huffington Post, Sept 30, 2015

Widely praised for its paradigm-shifting insights – it’s not just the technology but the platforms technology enables -- Peers, Inc asks critical questions about how the economy is shaped and the future of work in the digital age.

And, while cities are likely to benefit from these technology changes, they will also likely be the “epicenters of potential tensions and upheavals associated with automation,” suggests a new report from the National League of Cities.

We’ll review the book and then discuss the impact of these trends on the Charlotte community.

- Debating the sharing economy – upsides, implications and consequences
- How cities and regional economies – particularly our own - are preparing for the future of work
- The impact of these digitally-led economic transitions on the greater Charlotte region

This thought provoking discussion will be led by Christa Wagner Vinson.

As a reminder, you don't have to read the book to attend! Most do not, and we always have a very engaging discussion!

During this roundtable we'll:

· share our own experiences in this area in our businesses
· share best practices from our own personal experience or from industry thought leaders
· share ideas on how to improve the area within our businesses to fuel growth

Note: We are looking for people to facilitate book discussions for 2017, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if there is a book that you’re passionate about and would like to share with the group. The meetings take place the second Friday of every month. Thanks!