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2010: The Year That Was or Will Be - Midas Nation Webinar

Thursday, Dec 17 2009 11:00AM to 1:00PM

Rob Slee
Technekes, 601 S Cedar St, Ste 201, Charlotte, NC 28202

BIG is hosting the Midas Nation Webinar on Thurs, Dec 17, with Rob Slee at Technekes.

The Webinar is from 11 am to noon followed by a one hour Q&A session with Rob Slee, founder of Midas Nation.

 Rob will share his insights for next year in regards to the general economy, the banking system and Wall Street, as well as ask for the audience's input on these issues. Attendees will also learn how to utilize the Midas Aggregation Strategy to capitalize on opportunities that will develop because of the economic situation.

Date: Thursday, Dec 17, 2009

Location: Technekes, 601 S Cedar St, Ste 201, Charlotte, NC 28202

Time: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

BIG Members: Free

Guests: $25

We have limited seating, so we will give priority to BIG members.



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