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Monthly BIG Ideas Exchange- The Post-American World

Friday, Sep 10 2010 8:30AM to 10:30AM

Jim Roberts, NC Center of Innovation for Nanobiotechnology
Goodmortgage.com, 3325 South Tryon Street Charlotte, NC 28217

Monthly BIG Ideas Exchange


Friday, Sept 10th, 2010

Location: Goodmortgage.com, 3325 South Tryon Street, 28217


8:30 am to 9:00 am     Continental breakfast and networking

9:00 am to 10:30 am   BIG Ideas Discussion

Free to Members and Guests of BIG: RSVP to terry@bigcouncil.com or register below 

Book: The Post-American World, By Fareed Zakaria

Overview: “Rise of the rest” — the growth of China, India, Brazil and many other countries — and what it means for the future.

In the book, Zakaria argues that, thanks to the actions of the United States in spreading liberal democracy across the world, other countries are now competing with the US in terms of economic, industrial, and cultural power. While the US continues to dominate in terms of political-military power, other countries such as China and India are becoming global players in many fields.

As a reminder, you don’t have to read the book! The facilitator will share the main principles from the book with the group.

Jim Roberts with the NC Center of Innovation for Nanobiotechnology (formerly with the NC Dept of Commerce) will facilitate this stimulating discussion.

For an excerpt of book, go to:



During this Roundtable, we will: 
· share our own experiences in this area in our businesses
· share best practices from our own personal experience or from industry thought leaders
· share ideas on how to improve the area within our businesses to fuel growth