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Bring Innovation to Life in your Business Operations

Tuesday, Mar 22 2011 8:30AM to 11:00AM

Chris Walter, VP, Market Source
Elliott Davis 700 E. Morehead St, Suite 400 Charlotte, NC

"Bring Innovation to Life in your Business Operations"

 How to build and guide a strategy focused organization to enable your innovations.

Innovation is the beginning of a journey. Strategy focused organizations know how to realize the fruits of innovation by understanding and managing the cause and effect relationships of key business operating elements that impact success. How will you drive the change in your business operations that any innovation will require?

In this seminar you will learn:

1. How to define your innovation in terms of customer value proposition

2. How to create a simple, yet powerful visual that identifies and links key operating elements in support of your value proposition

3. How to create a business operations scorecard that manages the implementation and ongoing support of your value proposition

4. How to create a very clear vision across your organization of what it takes to drive your value proposition and why